Transportation Door to Door Two Ways


  • Transport Timings

    Please note that exact transport timings will be communicated via STS on the Friday before camp starts. Kids DXB aims for a maximum journey time of the following:

    • Dubai - 1 hour 20 minutes
    • Sharjah- 2 hours

    Transport Catchment Areas

    The above is a diagram of the transport catchment areas for each venue. If you notice that you are not in the transport catchment area for your venue please go back and change your venue or contact our customer service team on +971 54 441 1428

    Please copy URL from website of google map location.

    To do this on mobile device, drop pin on google maps, click 'share', click 'copy' then paste the URL in the box below.

    Please make this location pin accurate as this will be the location used to collect your child.

    How To Select Quantity

    Please enter the appropriate quantity for your booking, this is calculated by:
    Number Of Children X Number Of Weeks = Quantity
    3 Children X 2 Weeks= 6 Quantity

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