Full Day Weekly (9am-3:30pm) Mirdiff


    Venues & Transportation Note: For your reference please note when choosing a venue that transport is provided to each location based on the colour coded map below. If you have not yet spoken to our customer services team and are unsure about which venue to select please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on +971 54 441 1428

    Want To Add Transportation?
    If you are looking for transportation please follow the process below:
    Click 'add to cart'   ->  Click 'Continue Shopping'   ->   Then select the transportation product you wish from below including door to door transportation and common pick up points for both one way and two way transportation. 

    How To Select Quantity
    Please enter the appropriate quantity for your booking, this is calculated by:
    Number Of Children X Number Of Weeks = Quantity
    Example: 3 Children X 2 Weeks= 6 Quantity

    Discount System
    Please note that Multiple Week Discounts are applied automatically on this page based on the number of weeks you select as per the table positioned below the price and quantity selector. Early Bird Discounts and Referal Discounts are applied on the next page using coupon codes.

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